Cork Airport

Restaurants & Bars

There are dining and bar options both before and after security at Cork Airport.

Before Security

Red Bar (11.00 - 20.00)

This Victorian-styled traditional Irish pub is a comfortable place to enjoy a drink with friends, family or colleagues, indulge in a hearty meal or simply read a good book over a pint of stout.

Refuel (05.00 - 18.00 Mon-Fri, 09.00 - 17.00 Sat/Sun)

Great coffee and great sandwiches. A place for a quick lunch or snack before flying or while waiting to greet arriving passengers.

Cork Coffee Roasters (08.00 - 20:00)

Cork Coffee Roasters is a Cork based coffee company specialising in small-batch coffee roasting. Coffee is king but there’s also a great range of sandwiches and toasted panini.  

Cork's Food Market (04.30 - 20.30)

Designed in a combination of traditional and contemporary styles, the Food Market echoes elements of Cork city’s famous English Market. The cuisine includes Maher's Coffee, Arbutus Breads and Frank Hederman's Belvelly Smoked Salmon.

After Security

The Last Call (04.30 - 20.30)

The Last Call offers an all-day dining experience featuring the freshest local ingredients in a contemporary setting. 

Lir Café (04.30 - 19.30)

Located in the departures lounge after the passenger screening and The Loop, this sophisticated coffee bar features Segafredo coffee and Lir Chocolate, one of Ireland's most exclusive confectionary brands.