Cork Airport

Restaurants & Bars

There are dining and bar options both before and after security at Cork Airport.

Before Security

Red Bar (04:00 to 20:00)

This Victorian-styled traditional Irish pub is a comfortable place to enjoy a drink with friends, family or colleagues, indulge in a hearty meal or simply read a good book over a pint of stout.

Refuel (05.00 - 20:00 Mon-Fri, 05:00 - 17.00 Sat/Sun)

Great coffee and great sandwiches. A place for a quick lunch or snack before flying or while waiting to greet arriving passengers.

After Security

The Last Call (04.30 - 20.30)

Currently serving drinks, barista coffee and snacks.

The Last Call offers an all-day dining experience featuring the freshest local ingredients in a contemporary setting. 

AMT Coffee (04.30 - 19.30)

High quality barista coffee, friendly service, hot and cold snacks and a range of speciality drinks and smoothies