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Cork Airport is fully committed to developing environmental standards in all areas of its business in order to ensure a safe and efficient airport facility. We are therefore promoting environmental awareness among staff at Cork Airport. In addition, we will strive to influence third parties who operate on our site to act in an environmentally responsible manner.

    * For information regarding an airlines obligations under the EU Emissions Trading Scheme beginning in 2012, please go to:

In order to meet the demands of sustainable development and to safeguard the natural environment, Cork Airport has embarked on an extensive Environment Programme aimed at improving environmental practices and preventing pollution. This is based on the following objectives:


To work in association with representatives of airlines, the Irish Aviation Authority and aircraft maintenance companies, with the aim of abating the impact of aircraft related noise on the community within technical, safety and reasonable financial and national economic constraints.

Air Quality

To monitor air quality at Cork Airport for the health and benefit of the local communities in accordance with international standards and legislative requirements.

Water Quality

To monitor water (drinking, surface, waste and ground water) systems at Cork Airport against regulatory standards and take appropriate remedial action where required.

Waste Management

To reduce the amount of waste generated and handled by Cork Airport going to landfill and increase the amount to recycling. To dispose of waste in an environmentally sustainable manner and in accordance with legislative requirements.

Energy Usage

To promote the efficient use of energy in all our activities at Cork Airport.

Visual Impact

To enhance the visual environment at Cork Airport.


To promote and preserve local ecology and the habitats therein in the context of a developing international airport.

Operators, Tenants And Concessionaires

To liaise with Operators, Tenants, Concessionaires and Contractors at Cork Airport thus ensuring that we influence their activities.
The airport management team is committed to ensuring all employees of the airport authority are aware of the environmental guidelines. Relevant training and education is provided to all airport authority staff.

Our guiding principles are to continue to meet our legal obligations and to strive towards continual improvement. 

Airport Carbon Accreditation

Airport Carbon Accreditation 

During 2011, Cork Airport successfully achieved the ‘Reduction’ status accreditation under the Airport Council International (ACI) – Airport Carbon Accreditation programme.

Airport Carbon Accreditation is the European standard for carbon management and emission reductions at airports. This certification programme, specifically designed for airports, has received widespread support and endorsements from both the EU and the UN Environment Programme. Launched in June 2009, the programme has four levels of accreditation: mapping, reduction, optimisation and neutrality.

This award is a significant milestone in the advancement of the DAA’s overall Sustainability Strategy. Cork Airport’s accreditation at the ‘Reduction’ level means that the airport has mapped all of the CO2 emissions sources under its direct control, on the airport site and also succeeded in reducing those CO2 emissions.

Airport Carbon Accreditation is an annual certification programme and consequently requires ongoing commitment to sustainability and continuous improvements from year to year.

At present, there are 55 airports in Europe (+ 1 in Asia Pacific) which are Airport Carbon Accredited at various levels of the programme. Airports accredited to date handle more than 52% of European passenger traffic each year and since its launch in June 2009.

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