Cork Airport

Pre-Departure COVID-19 Screening

Before travelling to/from Ireland, passengers should consult the Irish Government Department of Foreign Affairs website for its latest travel advice and guidance, details are available at

In the case of departing passengers, it is important to note that some countries, including those in the EU, may require visitors to have a negative COVID-19 test result in advance of travel, either to enter the country in the first place and/or eliminate the requirement to quarantine on arrival. In most cases, a certificate showing the negative COVID-19 test result must confirm this test has been performed within 72 hours of arriving in the country, state or region. 

These requirements change frequently and passengers are advised to check the current COVID-19 entry requirements for a particular country, state or region before departing Ireland. They can find the latest and most up to date information regarding entry restrictions to EU countries at

COVID 19 Testing at Cork Airport

RocDoc, a private health check company, provides RT-PCR COVID-19 testing at Cork Airport, with results available within 1-2 working days. The testing facility is located opposite the entrance to our Red Express car park which is sign-posted on approach. For more information on how to book a pre-departure COVID-19 screening test, please follow the details below. 

Book a RocDoc COVID-19 test via their portal on

You can also call RocDoc direct by telephoning 01 969 7893.

Alternative Offsite Testing Suppliers

v1medical Cork is an independent medical provider of rapid Antigen COVID-19 testing at their offsite facility, 10 minutes drive from Cork Airport, in under 30 minutes. The testing facility is located at the College Road Pharmacy, 63 College Road, Cork, T12 HY8E.  

v1medical Cork are open from 7 am, seven days a week and provide drive through and walk up testing. 

Book a v1 medical COVID-19 Antigen test via their portal:

You can also call v1 medical direct by telephoning 083 1910230 or by emailing


Pre-Departure COVID-19 Screening - Important Passenger Information

Passengers should carefully check the COVID-19 entry requirements for a particular country, state or region before travel. In some cases, entry requirements may apply to passengers transferring through an airport en route to another destination. 

The entry requirements for each location across the world can change rapidly in-line with local measures to prohibit the spread of COVID-19. Many governments prohibit entry for tourists and business travellers and may prohibit all non-citizens entry to their country, state or region, so please ensure you have the most accurate and up to date information before travel. 

It is the responsibility of the passenger to ensure that any test certificate issued from a COVID-19 testing facility sufficiently meets the local entry requirements of the destination country, state or region including any connecting airport requirements. Certain locations may require the test result to be translated into the local language at each location. Passengers should check local requirements and keep up to date as they evolve.  

The testing facilities named above is a third-party commercial testing facility and is not part of daa plc or Cork Airport. Accordingly, daa plc does not accept any responsibility or liability for these services, including but not limited to the results provided by these services, the costs of the services or the turnaround times.

Travel To the Netherlands

A negative COVID-19 test result and mandatory declaration are required on departure to the Netherlands. At the moment, as a traveller from a high-risk area, you must show two negative COVID-19 test results when you travel to the Netherlands. From March 3, this may also be one negative NAAT test of up to 12 hours old when boarding.

How long in advance do I need to take a test travelling to the Netherlands?

At the moment, when boarding the aircraft, you must be in possession of a negative rapid test of up to four hours old and a negative NAAT (PCR) test that is up to 72 hours old upon arrival in the Netherlands. From March 3, a quick test is no longer necessary if you have a negative NAAT test of up to 12 hours old when boarding.

For long-term positive travellers, a number of exceptions will be made from March 3. These exceptions will apply to some people who continue to test positive after experiencing COVID-19 even if all the symptoms are gone and someone is no longer contagious. The following applies to these people from March 3.

• If you have experienced COVID-19 and therefore cannot present a negative NAAT test result, you may still travel if you can show the following documents:
   o Positive NAAT test results of at least 2 and a maximum of 8 weeks old;    
   o Positive NAAT test results of up to 72 hours old on arrival in the Netherlands;
   o Negative rapid test result before departure.

• In case of a permanent positive result on the rapid test, you can travel to the Netherlands if you can show the following:
   o Positive NAAT test results of at least 2 and a maximum of 8 weeks old;
   o Positive NAAT test result test result of max 72 hours old on arrival in the Netherlands;
   o Doctor's statement that a traveller is no longer contagious of up to 72 hours old when boarding.

Please note:
• Antigen testing  facilities are available in the terminal at Cork Airport or from off-site suppliers.
• The test facility in the airport is located adjacent to the escalators and lifts.
• Test should be taken within 3 hours of departure time. 
• Test results are usually provided within 25 minutes.
• The cost is €89 per test.