Cork Airport

Restaurants & Bars

There are dining and bar options both before and after security at Cork Airport.
Some food outlets in the airport are run in conjuncture with flight operating times. Closing time is normally just after last departure but may be subject to change.

Before Security

Kinsale Café (08.00 to 20.00)

Kinsale Café, named after the idyllic seaside town in west Cork, provides coffee, pastries,chocolate and a selection of savoury meals. Not just focused on those with a sweet tooth, the café provides savoury options such as sandwiches, soup and crisps. Also available are a wide variety of spirits and beers.

Situated just outside the arrivals entrance, the café makes for a great meeting point for you and those landing, or for a quick departing visit before heading through security.

Refuel (05.00 - 18.00 Mon-Fri, 06.00 - 18.00 Sat, 07.00 - 18.00 Sun)

Refuel is the complete sandwich bar; offering fresh artisan rolls, subs, wraps and flatbreads. The meats and salads are sourced from Irish farms and compliment the unique sauces rarely available elsewhere.

For those looking for something a little different Refuel also provide salads, soups, coffees, fruit and pastries.

After Security

Food Republic (04.00 - Last Departure)

As Cork is often known as the gourmet capital of Ireland, the Food Republic is the embodiment of a commitment to live up to those standards. Insistent on fresh, locally sourced ingredients from local suppliers, there is a wide array of choice for travelers looking to enjoy a meal.

The Food Republic has created a series of seasonal menus which aim to delight the palates of local and international travelers alike.

Breakfast is served from 04:00 - 11.30 daily.

Craft Lane (04.00 - 22.00)

Craft Lane is a destination for modern Irish and particularly Cork based culture, food, drink and hospitality. Craft Lane offers locally sourced ingredients, flavourful craft beer, and high quality Irish food. The bar boasts an extensive whiskey list, with a full range of wine, cocktails and other spirits.

From scrambled eggs to steaks, granola to goats’ cheese; breakfast, lunch and dinner can all be found here.

Food served from 04:30 - 19.30 daily.

AMT Coffee (04.00 - Last Departure)

AMT Coffee offers a high quality, customer focused approach to gourmet coffee. Committed to using only Fairtrade coffee beans and organic milk, AMT take a socially conscious approach to providing a high quality service.

Don’t let the size of their outlets fool you their unique, compact, yet flexible coffee bars can provide Viennoisserie pastries, gourmet muffins, delicious brownies and snacks like all butter shortbread as well as an excellent range of fresh gourmet soup, sandwiches and grilled to order toasties and paninis.