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Welcome to Wroclaw

Wroclaw is the largest city in western Poland and today is a thriving university town renowned for the beauty of its architecture.

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Things to do here

Wrocław pronounced “Vrots-waf” is the largest city is western Poland and is the economic and cultural centre of the local region. The city was part of Germany until the end of WWII and Germanic, Austrian and Prussian influences can clearly be seen in the city’s architecture typified by the graceful Market Square. The city is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful in Poland. In more recent times, Wrocław was a stronghold of resistance to communist rule during the 1980s. It is a European Capital of Culture in 2016. 

To Eat

  1. Café & Restaurant Steinhaus is extremely popular with locals. It likes to boast that its traditional Polish cuisine is like its 'homemade'. 
  2. Bernard Pub Restaurant has a Czech influenced menu and offers solid regional comfort food that goes perfectly with the Czech Republic's famous Pils beer. 

To Stay

  1. Monopol Hotel is a classic Wrocław establishment that has played host to royalty in the past.
  2. Hotel Dwór Polski - a 16th century building houses this charming hotel with many rooms overlooking a lovely internal courtyard.

Panorama of Racławice Cultural

Measuring 15 metres by 114 metres, the huge painting depicts the battle for Polish independence fought at Racławice in 1794.

The Market Square Cultural

Poland's second biggest square after Krakow and some say it's most impressive.

Gnomes of Wrocław Cultural

Dotted all over the city, the gnomes were used by the anti-communist Orange Alternative to protest against the political system.

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