Cork Airport

Airside Management Unit

The Airside Management Unit (AMU) is responsible for:

  • Ensuring compliance with all safety/security regulations and standards with airside and ground handling operations at Cork Airport.
  • The management of a safe and efficient airside operation by carrying out Airside Inspection Audits and Flight Turnaround Audits.
  • Formalising and maintaining the Safety Management System at Cork Airport.
  • The development, control, maintenance and distribution of the Cork Airport Aerodrome Manual
  • The allocation of stands, gates, check-in desks and baggage belts for Commercial and General Aviation.
  • Collating and processing all airline, aircraft, passenger and account information for aviation billing.
  • The continuous updating and monitoring of Flight Information Systems (FIS).
  • Compiling internal and external flight and passenger statistical returns.  
  • Developing and reviewing flight schedules and ensuring compatibility with current facilities and resources.

The Airside Management Unit undertakes to provide all its services in keeping with the best international standards and recommended practices.

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