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Last updated at 09:36 on 19/05/2019

Sunday May 19

Please note Live Flight information is issued based on information provided by airlines. Times of Arrival and Departure are subject to change by airlines. Cork Airport cannot accept responsibility for any inaccuracies.

Destination Flight No.
Amsterdam EI840 Departed 05:51
Amsterdam KL3170 Departed 05:51
Barcelona EI866 Departed 06:15
London Stansted FR902 Departed 06:16
Alicante EI856 Departed 06:36
Liverpool FR9896 Departed 06:30
Edinburgh EI3806 Departed 06:32
Birmingham EI3700 Departed 06:31
Manchester EI3720 Departed 06:52
Manchester EY7943 Departed 06:52
London Heathrow BA5910 Departed 07:09
London Heathrow EI710 Departed 07:09
Zurich LX2561 Departed 08:37
Gdansk FR8782
London Gatwick FR9852
Alicante FR4157
Southampton EI3740
Nice EI824
Bristol EI3842
Paris (Cdg) AF1095
London Heathrow BA5912
London Heathrow EI712
Paris (Cdg) EI822
Faro Airport EI896
Cardiff BE4579
Birmingham EI3708
Manchester EI3726
London Stansted FR909
Glasgow EI3832
London Luton FR424
London Heathrow BA5922
London Heathrow EI722
Malaga FR9901
Faro Airport FR9947
Amsterdam EI844
Amsterdam KL3172
Budapest FR9136
Malaga EI888
Malta FR8273
London Stansted FR906
Manchester EI3728
Edinburgh EI3808
London Heathrow BA5924
London Heathrow EI724