Cork Airport


Helpful Tips

Your safety and security is Cork Airport's number one priority.

We recommend that passengers follow the following advice if they are planning to travel from Cork Airport.

  • Allow sufficient time to travel to the airport. If you are using a private car and plan to use either the short-term multi-storey or long-term car park remember to allow ample time to park the car and walk the short distance to the terminal building.

  • Please arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes BEFORE your scheduled flight departure time and at least 2 hours 30 minutes BEFORE your charter flight departure time.

  • Carry just ONE piece of hand luggage.

  • As you approach the x-ray machine, please place all metal objects you are carrying or wearing, such as coins, keys, belts, mobile phone and jewellery into your carry-on bag or the tray provided.

  • Remove your coat or outdoor jacket and place them into a tray. Remove your laptop and any other portable communications equipment from their case and place them in a separate tray for screening.

  • Please take out of your carry-on bag, any liquids, lotions, gels or pastes and present them separately in a clear plastic bag to the Security Officer. Please note Cork Airport does not provide plastic bags but these can be purchased in the terminal BEFORE you approach the passenger security screening area.

  • Essential Prescription Medicines and special dietary requirements including baby foods required for the flight are permitted but these must be presented separately for screening.

  • Then walk, one at a time, through the metal detector.

  • You cannot bring any sharp or dangerous objects through the passenger security screening area. These items are prohibited.

  • You cannot bring any liquids, lotions, gels or pastes over 100 millilitres on board the aircraft. These items can only be checked in as Hold Baggage. Please give any such items to the security screening staff, who will dispose of them for you.

  • Remember to collect all your belongings before you leave to go to the boarding gate. 

Cork Airport wishes you a safe and pleasant journey and thanks all our passengers for their co-operation with these EU security procedures.


EU Air Passenger Rights

You can find out more about EU Passenger Rights here.