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Welcome to Liverpool

Relive Beatlemania or catch a Premier League game in this famous northern English city. With a growing reputation for good food and a long-held love of the arts, Liverpool is a great place to visit.

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About Liverpool:

Liverpool is a city with deep Irish connections courtesy of 150 years of emigration to what was once one of the great commercial cities of Britain. But it’s a city of passions also – from the crosstown rivalry of Liverpool FC and Everton FC to the continuing fascination with the Beatles from fans who come from around the world to visit the city that shaped the world's most famous band. It’s also a city that has experienced hard times but with the rejuvenation of areas like the Albert Dock, now a World Heritage site with the biggest number of protected buildings in England, Liverpool revels in its own unique character. A vibrant nightlife just adds to the buzz of a city that continues to do things its own way.

Things to do here:

Tate Liverpool Cultural

Located in Albert Dock, Tate Liverpool has a collection that includes works from artists like Picasso and Andy Warhol. 

Merseyside Maritime Museum Museum

Liverpool’s port fed the Empire and this museum covers the history of one of the great commercial maritime cities of the 19th century.

Casbah Coffee Club Club

This club was where the Beatles honed their craft and was central to the Liverpool music scene of the day.


Everton Brow Scenic

Close to the city centre but offering great views of the city from a great height.