Cork Airport

Filming at Cork Airport

News Reporting, Interviewing, Filming & Non-Commercial Photography

Before coming to Cork Airport, please contact Kathleen Walshe by phone (01) 944 9391 or email in advance. 

If Kathleen is unavailable, please contact the Airport Duty Manager by phone +353 (0)21 432 9659.

Requests for Commercial Photography/Filming

All filming and photography at Cork Airport requires written permission in advance. Airport Security will remove anyone filming or photographing without this permission.

Filming at an airport involves specific logistical and security challenges. Whilst we aim to accommodate all requests within reason, sometimes it is simply not possible to facilitate non-essential filming and photography at the airport for operational reasons.

Please note there is a fee for commercial filming/photography at Cork Airport. The current rate is €250.00 per hour or part thereof. Please note that filming is only permitted in the public areas of Cork Airport. However to enable us to notify the relevant departments, please indicate the exact area/s you wish to film in.

All requests will be charged a service fee unless they are related to a current news item or involve a daa business partner. Applicants wishing to film or photograph airline property or staff must first obtain written permission from the airline. All requests to go airside require a valid escort and an appropriate airside pass.

Contact us If you would like to undertake any commercial filming/photography at Cork Airport, please contact Kathleen Walshe by email and supply the following information:

  • Date of filming/photography
  • Time/Duration
  • Company Name
  • Crew Size/Equipment
  • Purpose of filming
  • Areas seeking permission to film/photograph in *
  • Permission sought from third parties where relevant (e.g. airline)
  • Contact details

* Please note filming is only permitted in the public areas at Cork Airport.