Cork Airport

Airside Access Vehicle Passes

Airside Access Vehicle Passes (AAVPs)

All vehicles operating airside must display an Airside Access Vehicle pass. To apply for a vehicle pass, each company must have nominated an authorised signatory who will represent the company and sign-off on any applications made for passes. 

For further information and to apply for a vehicle permit please contact the AIC Office on 0214329647 or email

AAVP Functions

The following are the functions of the AAVP:

  • To identify the vehicle and ensure only authorised vehicles gain airside access

  • To enable Cork Airport Management to effectively control vehicles airside


The AAVP is white in colour with a hologram strip over the AAVP number. An AAVP is valid for a maximum of two years to the end of the AAVP cycle. Details in the pass include:

  • Pass number

  • Vehicle registration number

  • Vehicle make/type

  • Fuel/battery operated

  • Fleet number

  • Licence category required to drive the vehicle.

  • Company name

  • Pass expiry date

  • Access Area

Once an AAVP has expired, it should be returned to the ID office in the Terminal Building and a renewal pass can then be processed (Airside Access Vehicle Pass Form).

If your pass is lost or stolen you must report it immediately to the ID Office at or Airport Police and fill out the Lost/Stolen AAVP form (Airside Access Vehicle Pass Form) so that a replacement can be processed. Please see procedure document AMUVP-02 above for reporting lost, stolen, cancelled or withdrawn Passes.

The charge for replacement of Lost/Stolen passes can be found in the Miscellaneous Charges section.
All requests must be signed by the company's authorised signatory.