Cork Airport

Ground Handling

Cork Airport is responsible for the provision of infrastructure to enable airlines and handling agents to operate efficiently and effectively at the airport.

Some airlines provide their own ground handling services (Self-Handlers). For example, both Aer Lingus and Ryanair provide Passenger Handling and Baggage Handling services for their passengers. Other airlines contract the services from specialised ground handling companies (Third Party Ground Handlers).

All ground handling companies are licensed by the Commission for Aviation Regulation (CAR) which is independent of Cork Airport and its parent company daa:

Contact details for Self-Handlers and Third Party Ground Handling companies at Cork Airport and Dublin Airport can be found on the CAR site.

Application For Ground Handling

All ground handlers must obtain a Grant of Approval, prior to commencing operations at Cork Airport.  All potential ground handling companies are required to contact the Commission for Aviation Regulation (CAR), which is the body responsible for issuing Grant of Approvals.  

Contact details are as follows:

Louise O'Dwyer
Aviation Authorisations Executive
Commission for Aviation Regulation (CAR)
Tel:   +353 (0) 1 661 1700
Fax:  +353 (0) 1 661 1269

Ground handlers must also satisfy the requirements of Cork Airport and a ground handling application must be completed and submitted to:

Deirdre O'Donovan,
Operations & Safety Manager,
Cork Airport

To complete the application process please complete all documentation below in Ground Handling Forms and documentation.
Please note all ground handlers are required to comply with the Rules of Conduct for operating at Cork Airport – Ground Handling Rules of Conduct.

Ground Handling Legislation can be found on CAR’s website.

Ground Handling Forms & Documents  

Please ensure all relevant forms are completed and returned to:

Eibhlin McGrath
Airside Operations Manager
Airside Management Unit
Cork Airport
Tel:   +353 (0) 21 432 9747
Fax:  +353 (0) 21 432 9789