Cork Airport

Cork Airport Upgrades With Latest Skidata® Parking Technology

Jun 03, 2016

With a new upgrade, booking your parking has never been easier at Cork Airport.

Cork Airport, which is part of the daa Group, has recently contracted Advanced Parking Solutions to upgrade all its car parks (totalling 11 entry lanes and 9 exit lanes) with the latest Skidata® Parking Logic software platform that manages 18 Power Gates within the public car parks, 2 Lite gates for staff parking and 11 Easy Cash automatic pay stations.

As part of the modernisation programme, the Skidata® system was installed onto a new virtualised IT network within the car park environment to ensure resilience and security as well as fast data and voice communication transfer. 

The new Skidata® system has been integrated with Advam’s pre-booking system and also offers 2D/QR barcode reading on all public entry and exit Power gate columns to allow future ticketless access technologies.

“This was a great example of teams from across the business coming together to deliver a quality product that has a direct impact on the public’s perception of Cork Airport. Car parks tend to be the first and last touch point with the airport for a lot of the travelling public and are hugely important in ensuring a positive customer experience,” said Conor O’ Driscoll, IT Business Relationship Manager at Cork Airport.

Niall MacCarthy, Managing Director at Cork Airport said: “At Cork Airport we aim to ensure excellent customer service across our services. Our new Skidata® car parking system offers users a streamlined, secure service. Booking your parking has never been easier at Cork Airport and we have introduced a pricing structure to support this with customers able to park for as little as €5 per day. We have invested in this infrastructure as we continue to ensure we offer a world-class, award-winning, passenger experience.”

Phase 2 of the system upgrade will include integration with Advam chip and pin credit card payment at all pay stations as well all public entry and exit lanes with chip/contactless credit card payments.

Pictured above: Cork Airport Project Team (L to R) Darran Dineen (IT Service Delivery Manager), Bernard Dooling (Car Park Manager), Harry O’Sullivan (IT), Paul O’ Donovan (Car Parks) and Conor O’ Driscoll (IT Business Relationship Manager).