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Welcome to Zadar

Perfect for a sunny getaway, Zadar is a vibrant and historical city located in Croatia. Enjoy a sun-soaked holiday, filled with exploring the beautiful towns, enjoying local cuisine, and getting to know the city’s history.

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About Zadar:

Zadar has been transformed by imaginative public installations like the Zadar Sea Organ that give this historic Roman city a contemporary, vibrant feel. A cluster of cool bars and restaurants provide Zadar with a cosmopolitan edge along with being the perfect base for a series of exciting day trips.

Things to do here:


Listen to the Sea Organ Outdoor Fun

At the tip of the old town’s peninsula is this imaginative and award-winning art installation, the first of its kind in the world. The sea organ takes the form of a series of large marble steps leading down to the water, and beneath each platform is a tube that creates a musical note generated by the power of the waves that break underneath.

St. Donatus’ Church History

This early-Byzantine church was built in the year 800 and remains in a near-perfect state of preservation. Over time St. Donatus’ tall, rounded outline has become a symbol and a source of pride for Zadar and is regularly featured on postcards.

Plitvice Lakes National Park Outdoor Activity

Although the Plitvice Lakes are about 90 minutes north of Zadar you simply must make the journey, as the park is easily one of Europe’s most beloved natural attractions. You’ll be rewarded with views of fourteen lakes, each connected to the next by waterfalls and natural pools as the waters work their way down the mountainside.

St. Anastasia’s Cathedral History & Architecture

Zadar’s cathedral is on the site of a very early Christian basilica that was founded back in the year 300. The building seen today was started in the 1100s and is yet another example of Zadar’s fine collection of Romanesque architecture.